I have spent an exhilarating, hair-raising lifetime as an avid traveler, adventurer, hiker, diver, kayaker, bicyclist, dancer, chef, social event host, writer, speaker, and skier.

I strive to be fun-loving, and a contemporary Renaissance Man. I love social events and conviviality.

I am an adrenalin junkie and sensation seeker. I live to feel speed, acceleration, the sensation of falling, and graceful movement.

This explains my history of bicycling, dancing, skydiving, kayaking, skiing, scuba diving, football, hiking, world travel, and sightseeing in the world’s great cities.

I enjoy the enormous satisfaction of communicating new, unthought-of ideas to people, which explains the joy and gratification I feel in delivering public speeches, and writing about town design and transportation. I love knowing that I have taught someone — particularly students — something that has been important to the direction of their life. There is little that I enjoy more than being responsible for inspirationally turning on a “lightbulb” in someone’s head. Of being responsible for an epiphany.

I get vicarious thrills out of showing people things I have previously enjoyed and observing others finding the same enjoyment. That explains my gratification in being a tour guide.

In sum, I enjoy passion. Both in the things I experience directly, and the things  I experience indirectly through others.

I started this adventure travelogue in October 1995 following a serious bicycle crash in the Boulder Valley. That event brought me within a hairs breath of losing my many cherished memories of my lifetime of adventures. While recovering at Craig Hospital in Denver, I opted to catalog my many adventures as a way for me to protect them from my possible loss of those memories in the future.

One result is these volumes of blogs I’ve written and continue to write as I log additional adventures each year in my life.

I sincerely hope that you gain enough enjoyment and inspiration from these writings so that you, too, can be living your own life of adventures.

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On this site you will find my written observations (a chronological log) of my world and US travel, adventures, kayaking, hiking, skiing, and rafting. Many of my comments will provide you with my assessment of the quality of what I encountered.


Dominic Nozzi
Wrote 13 books.Speaker.Town & transport planner for Gainesville FL, Boulder CO.Skier, kayaker, hiker, bicyclist, dancer. Has walked 60 Italian cities & 26 nations.Calms traffic.Diets roads. https://domz60.wordpress.com/dom-nozzi-bio/